Monday, March 28, 2011

Things keeping me busy

Wasn't able to think of anything new to write, so I thought will give you a peek into what I'm upto nowadays apart from the usual office work.... The pictures aren't very clear coz they are taken from a cell phone...

Try guessing what am I making?

I hope the the end product looks as lovely as the colors are!!

This is still in the initial stage..

 Apart from these what I am hooked onto is this -

My fav author :)
Will post pictures once I complete all the stuff and that time I will try taking pictures from a better camera... :)


  1. i love the colors on whatever you are knitting (scarf?) on photo #4..

  2. The granny circles are looking very nice... and I love that variegated yarn... I want to read Agatha Christie *sulk*

  3. @Titaxy: Nope it's not a scarf... ;) I love the colors too... :)
    @Anu: :) Yeah the yarn's pretty... You gotta see the blue one it's even more prettier... And I'll get the Agatha Christie this weekend for you :D

  4. Nice work Arch :) Show me the end product.

  5. thanks Asma :) Sure... Will post the pictures...

  6. makin it all d more colorful ..