Monday, March 28, 2011

Things keeping me busy

Wasn't able to think of anything new to write, so I thought will give you a peek into what I'm upto nowadays apart from the usual office work.... The pictures aren't very clear coz they are taken from a cell phone...

Try guessing what am I making?

I hope the the end product looks as lovely as the colors are!!

This is still in the initial stage..

 Apart from these what I am hooked onto is this -

My fav author :)
Will post pictures once I complete all the stuff and that time I will try taking pictures from a better camera... :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Passion... defined by Wikipedia as a very strong feeling for a person or thing... Well... I am talking about the thing not the person.. :P

What's your passion in life? What's that one thing which interests you? What is it that you wanna do or be in life? I really admire people who actually identify this and achieve it. The people who are happy in the work they do. It's not stressful but enjoyable to them. Majority of us get caught in the rat race from the start. From having to score the highest in class during schooling to bagging a job which offers a high pay. How many of us spend time on evaluating our strengths and deciding the right career path? How many parents today identify the child's skill and encourage it.

Finally when we do end up in a well paid but regular job, we get caught in the routine and the frustration gets to us. I am probably in that phase. I do like programming and logical challenges. But now I am constantly bothered by the question, is this what I would want to do all my life? To top it, I'm just a couple of years into my career. Is this just a passing phase? Does everyone go through it? Even if it is, what bothers me is that I'll just settle for it and keep compromising all my life just like how it is with another umpteen things in life.

How do I identify what'll make me happy? Professions like Architecture, Writing, Editing, Journalism etc always interested me. Sadly I never had the courage to think on it and pursue any of it. Its not just me, I hear it from a lot of my friends too. One of them has a passion for dancing, she even wants to quit and start teaching dance. She's just worried if what she's thinking is right and is unable to decide on it. Most of the people whom I talk to are unhappy in their jobs. There are all kinds... One having a bad boss, one wanting to do further studies but bothered about the fee, one wanting to get married and one who wants to get a job, post marriage.

I guess I cannot change my profession now. Instead what I am trying to do is spending time on other things which will give me a break from the routine. Cooking, reading, crocheting, are some of them. Few other things which have been on my wish list for long are, to learn to drive a car, gardening, to join singing classes again.

Kudos to people who are happy and enjoy what they do. For the ones who are yet to start, I would like to say take up something you are passionate about. For the rest, the ones like me - it's never too late they say. What say? We do something about it??

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Heat is On

No... I'm not talking about the cricket World Cup. :-P I'm talking about the season. Summer's here. :-( Summer last year had been really tough for me. Having come to Chennai in April I was in for big trouble.

The numerous sleepless nights when sleeping right under the fan also made no difference. Times when I was almost in tears as there was a power cut in the middle of the humid night ( yeah now people must be rolling their eyes thinking "Aah... these people from Bangalore!!" ). But that's how nice it has been for me always. Having lived in Bangalore, I used to never used a fan even in summer, in fact always used a bedsheet. But things have changed a lot over the years there as well..

Here, I remember tossing and turning at night trying to fall asleep, washing my face umpteen number of times, the time when me and my roomies stood outside the house at two in the night as there was a power cut. I gave up sleeping on the bed and slept on the floor for three to four months.

We have just stepped into March and I dread to think about the period from April to July. I remember the words that my friend had told me when I had told him that I am going to Chennai. It was "there are just three seasons in Chennai, Hot, Hotter and Hottest". Though his words have been true to quite an extent, I have been lucky enough to have experienced nice rain here last year. :-)

Gone are the days when summer meant two month long vacations, playing throughout the day not bothering about the holiday homework until the last week of the vacation. The time when there would be at least three bottles of Mum made Rasna concentrate kept in the refrigerator, apart from the Roohafza, which only Dad liked. :-/ Now all that we do is try and reach the office early before it gets hot, spend the rest of the day in an air conditioned room and come back home after sunset. :-(

To all people living in places like Chennai, "all the best" and for the ones who are planning a long vacation to hill stations to beat the heat or better still, live in such places, "hmmph!! I am SO jealous". :-/