Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Monday morning blues make it hard to go to work. To add to it, what if you are told to reach office early?

Our office campus and my house all lie along the highway, on which also lies a University to which the PM's visit was scheduled.

To celebrate the occasion, the road is blocked for 3-4 hours and the aam janta is asked to reach office way before time, if they don't wanna get caught into trouble on the way.. :P

Even the local trains which DON'T run on the roads are stopped, causing more trouble..

If VIPs are visiting the place, kindly beef up the security, check the identity of the people prior to letting them into the venue, check the contents they carry. But please stop bothering the public by blocking roads and traffic for 3-4 hours, when the to and fro journey for the VIP would at the max take an hour...

It irritates me to see that the public are put to so much trouble whenever any political meeting, event, conference, rally etc is happening. I have seen similar and worse situations in Bangalore as well. So much to democracy, which is "by the people, of the people and FOR the people"!!! x-(

PS: The PM finally came by a helicopter to the venue :-/

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