Friday, January 7, 2011

Books and Me

There were times when I loved reading books... So much, that I used to read it even on the dining table when having dinner and get scolded by dad for doing so. I know, it also depends on the book that you are reading. It should hold your interest. But previously I never lost interest so easily... :(

 I still love books... I like the feel of new books and old books, the cover, smell of the pages... oh.......!!! :)

But sadly though, off late I don't find enough time and interest in reading a book. I've picked up so many books, some still stay untouched and some abandoned midway... :(

The unread and partially read books on my shelf right now -
  • Sherlock Holmes Volume 1 and 2 - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
  • Jo's Boys - Louisa May Alcott
  • State of Fear - Micheal Crichton
  • The World of Nagaraj - R.K Narayanan
  • Catch 22 - Joseph Heller
  • The Mouse Trap and the other plays - Agatha Christie
Oh god!! I feel all guilty now... :(

To add to this I had plans of buying a few more and borrowing the ones that my sis bought recently!! I hope this post will keep reminding me that I shouldn't do any such thing... :D

Some people read two books at a time.. :O How do you manage to do that???


  1. oh that's a nice list of unread books on your shelf..i've been wanting to read catch 22 for a while now, but haven't done that yet. good luck going thru your list..once you start reading, it will be easy to keep going; so take the first step and start :D

    i always read 2 or more books at the same during commute, one before sleeping, etc...unless one book is so intersting that i have to spend all the time on it :D

  2. yeah I hope I start soon...

    I get a feeling that I'll get confused if I read two books at a time... lol.. :D