Tuesday, November 23, 2010

This too shall pass...

Not all days are bright and sunny, there are dull and cloudy ones too. Days when you have no energy, no hope and no enthusiasm. Days when you feel, "why does it happen to me all the time??". What one needs to know is that one is not alone. Every individual goes through the same...

Words of advice aren't scarce, one keeps getting them from all directions. Words of comfort, is what the heart longs for... The spoken words may not be new. Its just the feeling, that the "words understand you" and not "you understand the words".

"Jo karna, uska naam kya?" (How does it matter by what name you call something that you have to do?)
What you can do is, smile and do it and be happy or crib and do it and be grumpy!! Something you've heard before, haven't you? But these words made me feel better today!! :)

No matter how good or bad the time is today, "this too shall pass" (Yeh waqt bhi guzar jaayega).


  1. hugs...things will get better soon, hang in there :) take care

  2. whoa! too much philosophy!
    Good that you got comforted... will remember to mouth these words the next time you whine :D