Friday, December 10, 2010

The Baby Update

He rules the hearts and the house!! He's almost 4 months old and it's already giving me the feeling the he's growing up too soon :( The teeny baby which came to its maternal grandparent's home in August, is now ready to go back home... He and my sis will be going back to their house in a couple of weeks... :(

I hardly get to see him and when I do, I can't get enough of him.. The time flies by when you sit next to him babbling nonsense and cooing at him. He smiles, laughs and gurgles in response. It's such a delight to watch him do just that.

He has recently started turning over to one side and sleeping. The smart fellow lies straight, turns over to the side, again turns to lie down straight and keeps repeating the same, having happily found out that this trick makes him go round in the bed :D

His best friend till a few weeks back was the cieling fan, which my sis lovingly calls the "Fanny Boy!!". He used to watch it with awe and talk to it in his baby language. He has suddenly started getting scared of his Fanny Boy and starts crying at the sight of it rotating.. :( I heard recently that he cried terribly on seeing the rotating fans at a function they had taken him to... :(

On the first day of my two day weekend visit, he spends staring at me wondering, "Who is this?? Seems familiar. She keeps turning up every two weeks!!". By the second day he figures out that I'm his chikki and happily talks to me and laughs on seeing me, making it difficult for me to leave later in the night.

All these months almost all the activities in the house depended on whether he's sleeping, he's awake, he's crying, he's playing, he's hungry etc. My parent's especially are gonna miss him terribly. He being their "Kullanti" and "Bangari", they are used to spending their day around him. They now have to go back and get used to staying in the same old empty house. :(

Gonna miss you so much sweetheart!!!


  1. aww..having a baby around brings so much joy, doesn't it?

  2. aww... such a beautiful post! Me and the little one are gonna miss you and the grandparents too big time dearie! But what to do, I had to get back sometime na? :(

  3. Nyc one :) happened wid me 2 .. helpless :(