Saturday, October 23, 2010

Come back post :D

I know... It been too long since I last posted. I've been too lazy and procrastinating all the time, when I had such wonderful things to post about..

Let's call this a come back post and I'll try to keep my blog alive from now onwards. :)

What's been happening at my end is -

* Yay!!! I'm an aunt.. My sis was blessed with a baby boy, two months back. :) :) Everyone's having a great time with tiny one back at home and all I get, is to see him once in two weeks when I go to b'lore... hmmph!!! :-/

* The baby is about to be named in a few days!! :D

* Got used to chennai.. getting back to the house here after a long day at office feels nice too..

* I have definitely become more adjustable and responsible and quite good at all the housework too.. ;)

* Feel lonely at times and miss home terribly. Get upset when I feel that they don't miss me equally :(

* Have been struck at home doing washing clothes and stuff like that, at many weekends :-/ coz its too hot and the places are too far to go roaming..

* Miss hopping over to CCD with friends whenever I feel like. Also going for long walks whenever I felt like...

* Started liking the work at office.. A new zeal to learn things.. :)

* Hardly able to talk to all my old friends, and they keep complaining about it :(

* Made a group of friends here and a few of them already left.. :( Took transfers and were posted elsewhere.. Missing them too...

That's about a short update from my end.. What's up with you??


  1. Good to know that you are liking the work and atmosphere there...but don't get too used to Chennai! :D
    As for me, you know what's up! :)

  2. Congratulations to your sis and family.

  3. I'm happy for your come back :)