Sunday, April 25, 2010

Home away from Home...

Its been more than a fortnight since I am staying at a new place. Probably the longest I've stayed away from home in all these years. Even as kids me and my sis have always been the type who preferred staying at home rather than visiting and staying over at granny or grandpa's place. Its so much more comfortable to stay at home, be and laze around the way we want.

One thing I've realized is that if you move to a new place with a prior mindset, that you are not gonna like the place or that its gonna be horrible. That's what you are gonna get. Its gonna be really difficult to adjust to the new place. Thankfully, I didn't have such a mindset. Only thing I was bothered with was the weather, and I am still struggling to get used to it. I see my colleagues at work who are from different places finding it really difficult here. I at least have the advantage of being a south indian and knowing a little bit of the language. They on the other hand have to use sign language to get their point across.. :D

It was also an advantage to stay with people whom I knew. Its much better than staying with strangers. My roommates have been really nice and accepted me easily as one amongst them. They've hugged and consoled me at times when I was crying and feeling really lonely :(
Thank you people!! :)

The daily activities of getting up on time, reaching office, attending the classes, studying, getting back home and cooking our own dinner, made me realize how convenient it had been, back at home where my Mom would wake me up and I would eat Mom made food. I would complain when she repeatedly made Upma, every Saturday. Now I eat Idly-Vada for breakfast, at office, almost everyday. Love you Mom!!! :)

Coming here has also made me realize that everyone's different. You've got to adjust and keep quiet at times, when you so badly wanna give them a piece of your mind. You'll find different kind of people at work, some who'll get on your nerve and all you can do is bite your teeth and smile at the irritating things they say (Yeah... I've already met such people).

I am badly missing the rains and eating pani puri with friends, back in Bangalore. I thankfully had a chance of going home last weekend and I am looking forward to more such weekends. So what have you people been upto??


  1. Similar 2 U.. busy livin daily chaotic life ;)

  2. Every city has its own charm and as long as you are open minded about exploring the new place, it wont be bad. I am sure you are all settled by now. hugs.

  3. true.. I have got used to the place and doing much better now.. :)