Sunday, April 4, 2010


Its so true, that the things which bring you great happiness come free of cost.. :) Like... someone's  nice words about you, knowing that people are gonna miss you when you are not around, knowing that your presence makes a difference to a few. I have felt all this in the past week and it feels awesome... :)

One of the most unexpected and overwhelming incident in the past week was my Prof. calling for a meeting on the day I quit and it intending to be an informal send-off for me. :) I shall never forget the words he spoke for me and about me. Though he comes across as the strict professor at times, he has a heart of gold, which he has proved at many instances. His words, which wished me luck, told me that my contribution in the work had mattered and let me know that I shall be missed, will always remain in my memory. :) It made me feel so special.. :) He even said that they'll miss me as much as my parents would when they would get me married and send me off.. :D

I am grateful to be having friends to whom I matter. Seeing a couple of friends crying that I shall be going away made me sad and happy. Sad that I shall not be able to meet them often and happy to have such friends. (Hey guys... you never know..., what if I'm back in a couple of months to eat your head again... So don't cry... :))

It felt great to have my sister come over and stay at home over the weekend. It had been months or probably an year since she last stayed over. If not for her I would have done none of the packing. She has so neatly packed so many things that I'm now scared that I'll need 2 more bags when I'm coming back coz I can't pack as neatly as her.. :) Wish she had stayed for a few more days. I just hope that I'm here when its time for my niece/nephew to come. I want to see her/him on the first day itself.. Just can't wait for it... :)

One of the things that's making me sad is the thought that I can't probably blog when I'm away. That's coz I don't have a laptop nor do I think I shall get a chance to access the internet at the workplace. I'm not sure yet, but that's how it is generally... :( Never mind.. I'm gonna post all the stuff on my mind when I come to Bangalore during the weekends.. :) Something's better than nothing... :) What say??

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