Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The long planned trip

In the past few weeks all my week days have been spent at work and the weekends in traveling, with no time and energy left to blog...

Talking of traveling... I had gone to Mangalore during the last weekend and Chennai in the weekend before that. Though the Chennai trip was an official one, with the my teammates and me having gone to attend a meeting, we happened to spare a few hours and visit a beach nearby. Its called the Besant Nagar beach. The last time I had been to Chennai I had visited the Marina beach and was awed by how huge it was. But the it was crowded and was all filthy with the people making the shore a dustbin for their convenience. But the Besant Nagar beach that we visited this time was much nicer, though smaller. It was a lot more cleaner and less crowded. We spent an hour or more, playing in the water and clicking pictures. The waves were a little high, it being a full moon day... We had to leave soon as we had to get back to the guest house..

The Mangalore trip had been a long planned and postponed one.. I had never gone for a trip with my friends until I joined work. Even the trips that I went for after work were all official, with us sneaking out some time to roam around. I always longed to go for a trip with friends... The Mangalore trip plan dates back to nearly an year, with initially the location being Mysore and not Mangalore.. :D The plan was made when my dear friend 'A' was in Mysore for training in her company. But with she having tests or one of us having some other thing on hand, the plan never got executed. Subsequently 'A' was posted in Mangalore and to add to it another close friend 'P' also worked in Mangalore. So now the people nagging us to come there... had doubled!! There began the Mangalore trip plan...

The usual postponing kept happening, with me having an exam, with my friend 'B' being on call on weekends and with 'D' having other works. If not these... come long weekends 'A' and 'P' would come to be in Bangalore with their family.. Somehow things never worked out.. My exam got over and B's senior returned making her free during alternate weekends. 'D' agreed too.. :) We fixed the first weekend of March, as the days for the trip. 'B' suddenly realizes that she's on call that weekend :P ... I request her to swap the days for another weekend with her senior, and... she does... Cool!!! :)   'D' informs she has an appointment on that weekend and asks us to postpone the trip again...!! But 'B' couldn't swap again and we didn't wanna postpone it further as come April it would get hotter...!!! So... 'D' dropped out of the plan.. :(

Finally me and 'B' made it to Mangalore... only to realize that P's working on the weekend and is not free.. :P Well.. we did blast him and took revenge by making him feel guilty for having made us come and he not being free!! We stayed at A's place... Roamed around with her and her roomies, two really nice and friendly people.. :) We went to beaches and temples and an island.. :) We went for the scary Banana Ride, where we were thrown of into the middle of the sea water!! :O (hehehe :D but we had life jackets on!!) It was scary initially and when we heard that its not once but thrice that we'll be nearly drowned in water.. :O But once done.. we felt like we had climbed K2... :D It was a wonderful feeling... :)  The coward 'A' looked on... taking pictures and riding happily on the boat.. :P (but if not for her, we probably would have had no pictures of the ride... :D)

'P' could only make time to meet us in the evening and have dinner with us... But atleast he did that.. Else we would have killed him!! All in all it was an awesome trip, with us left longing for more.. :) Great time and great fun!! :D In a way it was a right decision not to postpone the trip as there have been certain recent developments (about which I'll blog later :) ) which would have probably made us cancel the trip!! All's well that ends well... :)


  1. Oye...Send me pics of 'A' 'B' 'C' and 'D' :D

  2. There were no 'C' and 'D' dear... Anyway.. You must have already seen the pics on fb.. :)

  3. Oye.. Whaz diz 'A' 'B' .. 'D' put in the whole story.. 'D' U've mentioned na re..

  4. @Sudha: :)... I've mentioned 'D', but 'D' didn't join us in the trip is what I meant.. :)