Monday, March 15, 2010

Change... one thing that I've never been able to understand. There are different kinds of changes.. Change of place, weather, home, work place etc etc... All of it affects us somehow.. But change in people... Hard to digest. The fact that people change "just like that" seems so shocking and saddening to me. I might have changed too... But going by majority of what my friends say, I haven't changed much...

Discuss this with friends, they say change is a part of life and it happens. You can't help it. Isn't it in our hands? is my question... I say change for good is ok, but change for not so good is not ok. But as my friend said, its all relative. What's good according to me, may not be good for the other person. Similarly I may not like a change that's good according to them... Even though I know and understand this, why is it that it hurts every time to see a changed and unexpected reaction from the other person?

I have changed quite a bit within myself. The people around may not notice it.. I have become stronger than what I was before (not physically :P but emotionally). I am basically an emotional fool and get hurt by the slightest of things. I dig out and assume meanings out of the words spoken by others and hurt myself.. Some where I think this adds up to the change I see in people, while it might be just that I'm assuming it.

I am friendly and patient and forget about fights easily. Sometimes I can't even remember the reason I fought with the others for. I ask sorry even in situations where it may not have been my fault. I just want to get over with the fight.. But its wrong sometimes, to do so, coz I may not even be giving the other person the time to think if its their fault.. All the more a reason why people may take me for granted and I end up feeling they've changed their attitude towards me... I believe in "Value the relationship more than the issue".. Doesn't work always I guess.. You should be ready to take a stand atleast at certain times.

Okay... this post was nonsense.. :D and you may not follow anything at all.. So forget it.. I am still wondering what I wrote... ;) Sometimes the thought is so clear in your head but you cant put it down in words... :(


  1. Do you remember our English ma'am from school? When it was time for us to bid adieu to school and we all stood teary-eyed, she spoke a sentence that's still fresh in my mind - "Change, is the spice of life" :)
    Without change, life will be boring, we will ourselves become boring and what's more, get bored with everything and everyone and ourselves too!
    I think you have the questions and the answers in your post, you only need to accept it and make peace :)

  2. @Anu: I hope I'm able to accept it one day and stop letting it bother me so much... :(

  3. I too am very uncomfortable with change. But as time passes by, I feel fine with it. You too can accept change, it's just a matter of how long you take to accept it.. :)

  4. @Arun: hmmm... I guess so..