Monday, January 25, 2010

You've got mail !!

Remember the days when post meant the letters arriving from the postal department and not posts on blogs or posting something on the wall in facebook? The days when if somebody asked "Did you get the mail?" it meant some awaited letter and not email :P

I remember the days when me and a close friend 'B' who was then in Hyderabad kept in touch by writing letters to each other. Let me clarify that it wasn't ages ago like what one would think. We wrote letters to each other till a couple of years back... It was a wonderful experience in itself. Looking forward to each other's reply, scolding each other for replying late, going to the post office to buy inland letters or envelopes and stamps :) All of it had a personal touch to it..

Come Birthdays or New Year or Friendship Day we would send cards to each other. It was a wonderful feeling to know that a friend cared... no matter how far we were. I still have all the cards and quite a few letters kept safely with me.

Feels sad that with changing times everything changes. Now when everyone's inbox is flooded with forwards and emails about everything under the sun, nobody has the time or perhaps the gratitude to acknowledge any of it. Where are the friendly mails saying, "Hi, How are you? I'm fine.. Hope the same from you too.."?? There are hundreds of people on our contact list.. But how many of them are we in contact with?? The friendly green color shows that a friend is available and danger red indicates that he/she's busy. But the conversations hardly go beyond "wassup?? nothing, just the usual.." When we have nothing to talk, we hide.. just make the status invisible and problem's solved...

With the technology making things better and connectivity easier, are we moving further away from each other?? Point to ponder...


  1. Yes, indeed .. this was a mail from U ;). Don't ponder so much dear.. over it.. :)Everthing has changed with changing times means it.. and V all r part n parcel of it.. but yes.. how much evr technology and connectivity improves the only thing matters is how close V all wanaa b together.. :)

  2. Hmm... point to ponder indeed. Technology is supposed to makes things easier for us, which is why utilities like www and email and chat were revolutionary in bringing us closer together and making the world a smaller place to live in. But finally it is left to us how we make use of the technology and advantages available. Let's think of it this way - how many of the hundreds of people in your chat list would you have written snail mails to earlier - 2 or 3 or say a max of 10. But now you can get connected to these 100s in just a matter of seconds by a simple ping!
    There are 2 sides to every coin, but yes I do agree that snail mail/ cards writing and receiving was a tradition that is slowly dying - we should make an effort to keep it alive atleast on special occasions.

  3. @sudha: I guess so...
    @anu: thats exactly my point.. its just a matter of seconds but people hardly connect.. probably the reason for it is also that its a matter of few seconds, so we procrastinate...