Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Babbling Begins...

I have been thinking of starting a blog for quite sometime now. But I've been really apprehensive about it, just like how I am before starting anything new. Speaking of my apprehensions, pessimism and inferiority complex, the fact that I am actually writing this post is a HUGE achievement...

I needed this sort of a breakthrough for myself :). It might not mean anything to anybody who reads this. In fact there might be reactions like "Big deal!! Lets see for how long she manages to do it.." Sincerely I don't know...

- I don't know if this is just a passing phase
- I don't know if I will want to do this always
- I don't know if my posts will even be interesting :P

But... Its MY blog. So.. I'm gonna post when I want and stop when I want :D . So if there's anybody interested in reading, Welcome!! and if you read this and you aren't interested, No Problem.. Thank you and Ta-ta!!

Its a different thing to have something in your mind and a completely different thing to put it into words.. I'll try my best. :) I hope I do a fair job... :)


  1. Well... every beginning needs a small step forward. Yay to you for taking that first step! :) Dunno about the others, you have one faithful reader in me for sure :)
    All the best! Let this beginning help you overcome your apprehensions.

  2. Hope you go far ahead.. :) All the Best.. :)Its Wonderful .. Nyc 2 read .. frm U my frnd.. :)

  3. I will be one of your dedicated followers.... Its nice that you are writing, I'm looking forward to more of this from you :) All the best..

  4. Thank you so much all of you :)

  5. Stop worrying about people who might not like your blog, bother about people who like it.. :)
    And looks like you already have four who are waiting for you to write some more.. :)

  6. Hi achu it's great that u have shared all this in u r blog let that help u overcome u r apprehensiveness and always small oppurtunities mark the beginning of great enterprises so wishing u all success

    Dr Shwetha Joshi