Friday, February 19, 2010

Aisi hi hoon main!!

I've never been a very social person. I don't have huge groups of friends.. I have a few, very close friends, who know the kind of person I am. I take time to make friends.. I'm silent by nature and most of my friends are the kind who talk more... (with a few being exceptions). :) They are a mixture, with a few who talk more, a few who are calm and don't take everything very seriously, a few who are practical... All in all each one of them is quite unlike me. :) I like being in the company of my small group of friends coz they are different from me and I can very comfortably be myself amongst them. I rarely talk much or pour my heart out to someone.. Very few privileged ones get the chance... ;)

I hadn't even signed up for social networking sites like orkut and facebook until last year. All my friends used to pester me to join and I was endlessly postponing it. Finally one day I joined the crowd. Even now I don't see the point of it as I still end up talking to my regular friends most of the times and rarely with the others on the list. One advantage has been that I can wish everyone on their birthday. Not that I'm bad with dates, but that I can wish friends whom I used to never wish before.

I get really excited and interested when some group activities are being planned. But then I hardly take the risk of taking part in it coz I end up with a feeling of being left out or feel out of place. If I am in a group of friends, who are friends but not best buddies I feel I don't belong there... Weird I know... So if my close friends drop out of the plan so do I... Most of the times I miss out on all the fun coz of my nature.

This time I've agreed to attend a reunion, where my group of friends aren't coming. I hope I don't end up feeling like the odd one out... Lets see what happens.. :)